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Although being an escort is a career just like any other career, it doesn’t mean that the woman does not have a heart that can love a man and feel connected with them. Many people forget that escorts are like any other woman and have feelings just like any other woman. One thing they forget is that escorting is simply an office but it doesn’t take away the human nature in them.

Although escorting is an industry that has not been embraced in many communities and religions across the world, the people practicing it are real humans like any other person. Just the way a woman loves to be appreciated and treated well, the same way these call girls love and long to come across men who will show them love and appreciation. When this happens, the possibility of developing soul ties with such a client is highly possible. This might have a negative impact on both the man and the Chennai escort, therefore, it is important for the escort to take some precaution to avoid soul ties with their clients. There are two main ways of avoiding this which are:

  1. Avoid having repeat clients

Some escorts who work under escort agencies are not allowed to have repeat clients. Not because they are ill-treated and their bosses are afraid of losing them to their clients but because they have their best interest at heart. A repeat client is a good thing to begin with since you get to know each other more and the client is more satisfied from the services offered by the Annanur escort since the escort understands him better.


On the other hand, an escort benefits much from a repeat client since they pay well and they are constant. However, constant visits might bring gradual connection between the two without their knowledge and they might end up becoming more than friends. The client might start demanding some loyalty from the escort which might affect her commitment to her job. On the other hand, the client might decide to disappear and leave the escort devastated and heart broken.

  1. Avoid exchanging contacts with your client.

A relationship that might start like friendship might end up maturing into an intimate relationship. Therefore, it is important to treat every client like any other and always make sure your connection ends at the end of the session. By doing this, you will not only protect your own interest but the interest of the client as well.

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