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When we think about giving and sharing, we all think of losing. Very few of us look at giving as the only way of receiving better and more things than what they initially had. However, the truth is, the only way of making it in life and going to higher and greater heights is by being a giver. What you give is what you receive and the best thing is that the pay back is ten times better. The highest percentage of people on earth is selfish and mean people. For that reason, if you have a different heart and lifestyle, people will want to be close to you. You become a magnet that draws people from all the walks of life to you. This is the secret Chennai escorts learnt and it has helped them become who they are today.


Advantages of being a giver


According to female escorts in Chennai, the only way of making it in life is by being generous and selfless. If you want to climb higher heights and become better by day, you must be humble enough to give without expecting anything in return. According to these escorts, since they learnt how to live a selfless life, their lives took a different turn. This is because:

1. You are never disappointed when someone fails you


Many times people get frustrated and disappointed in life because of expecting so much from their family and friends. When the people in question fail to give them what their hearts had desired, they start pulling away. Worse still, enmity might crop up from a small matter that turns their lives upside down.

However, when you expect less and get more, you feel so contented. Brigit confessed to have a very strong support group that she got after learning to be selfless.

2. They are able to treat their clients better

When talking about being an escort, we should always understand it is all about giving without expecting anything in return. A My la pore escort gives their all to their clients just to ensure they are contented and happy. Therefore, if you don’t have a giving heart, you can never survive in this field. This is because; you will always be disappointed when a client fails to appreciate your efforts.

According to Brenda, having a selfless and giving spirit changes our lives for the better. You can never go wrong by seeking to do the best and be kind to people.

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