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Human beings are a social being. Naturally, they like being appreciated and being around people who brings out the best in them. Having such kind of friends in this generation is not an easy. Our generation is full of selfish and envious people. People who are only concerned with their own welfare and cares about no one else accept themselves. 


For this reason, we find so many failing relationships, unfulfilled dreams, forsaken careers and gifting. This is because, someone started off well but when challenges came; they had no one else to run to. Although this problem is affecting both men and women, it is more evident in men.


Women are strong people and have been created with a strong personality to stand on their own. On the other hand, men are created with a dependant spirit. Although they are set are the pillars of a home and the bread winners of their families, they are very weak. Men highly depend on their wives, mothers, girlfriends and female friends to overcome difference challenges in life. Therefore, if a man has no support system around them, they can easily throw in the towel.




Why men depend a lot on female escorts


A single challenge is enough to push a man out of their way and their stand. When the same challenge is thrown to a woman, she will have her own way of overcoming it. In simple words, men simply depend on the support they get from their partners to tackle the pains and challenges of life.


Many women however, don’t know about this special need in men. For this reason, they always fight their partners and complain to them when they give up on their dreams. This is one of the reasons why men have sort refuge in female Chennai escorts.


A female escort knows exactly what to say to such kind of a man at what time and in which manner. If someone needs to be rebuked, they know how to rebuke them with love. If all someone needs is a little love and appreciation to be able to find them, they will give exactly that.


As it is, many men have been able to discover their inner strength and ability through a date with an Ambattur escort. Women escorts are therefore very important part of our society. They are actually the closest friend one can ever have. They listen to you without judging you and your secrets are very safe with them.

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